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Our collection of Pics for PECS ® figuresit is suitable for all ages and supports both expressive and receptive CAA systems. Our high-resolution JPG figures can be enlarged to a full page without loss of clarity and can be used in any software that supports jpg images. In addition to making images for the PECS Communication Folder, Pics for PECS can be used to create printed communication boards, schedules, Portuguese activities, visual aids and overlays for speech generating devices. You will find more than 200 new figures in version 15 of Download! New additions include a variety of musical instruments, toys, activities, locations and more! This download includes more than 3,400 Pics for PECS pictures, instructions for use, complete picture list, picture dictionary and tables to generate a range of picture sizes.

Please note that this is a digital download where a download link will be provided on your account upon purchase. The valid serial number will be required to install this product which will be provided to you via email given at checkout. Please allow 24-48 hours for the serial number to arrive. You will be able to install only once on a single computer.

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