Adkins, T. & Axelrod, S. (2002). Topography‐versus selection‐based responding: Comparison of mand acquisition in each modality.

The Behavior Analyst Today, 2, 259‐266.
Abstract: This study examined the acquisition of a mand repertoire by one child with pervasive developmental disorder and ADHD. The subject was taught to request preferred items using American Sign Language (a topography based response form) and the Picture Exchange Communication System (a selection‐based form). There were four types of sessions: (1) training session for PECS, (2) training session for sign language, (3) test for generalization of the PECS words, and (4) test for generalization for the sign words. The number of trials to meet criterion and the occurrence of spontaneous emissions of the taught words was recorded. Also, the same word was taught for five days in both the PECS and the sign session and the results were recorded. It was found that the selection‐based verbal response technique (PECS) was more effective in all areas. This finding contradicts the results of previous studies, suggesting that further research is needed. (http://www.behavior‐analyst‐online.org)

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