Almeida, M., Piza, M., & LaMonica, D. (2005). Adaptation of the picture exchange communication system in a school context (original title: Adaptações do sistema de comunicação por troca de figuras no contexto escolar)

Pró‐Fono Revista de Atualização Científica, Barueri (Spanish), 17, 233‐240.
Abstract: Background: alternative communication. Aim: to evaluate the efficacy of the adapted PECS and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) in the communication of a child with cerebral palsy. Method: the participant of this study was a 9 year and 10 months old girl, with athetoid quadriplegia. All stages of the adapted Pecs were applied (Walter, 2000), using the PCS pictures (Johnson, 1998), associated with the functional curriculum proposed by LeBlanc (1991). An experimental AB Design was used in order to test the procedures. Results: the subject was able to pass through all of the adapted Pecs phases and to use her communication board in school activities. Conclusion: the adapted Pecs proved to be effective in improving the subject’s communication abilities.

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